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Two nearly identical products are released: one breaks all sales records while the other sits on store shelves untouched.


The products look the same.  Have the same target market, the same price, and similar retailers.  Their manufacturers spent the same amount of money promoting them.  


So why did one succeed, where the other failed?


Market researchers and data analysts have been wrestling with questions like this for decades.  As the flood of 'Big Data' adds both possibilities and complexities to traditional research methodologies, the ultimate solution for companies seeking to become data enabled has finally emerged.  


Inspired by how the human mind processes information, the emerging field of ‘Contextual Analytics’ is revolutionizing how data and technology are used for market research, analytics, and everyday business decisions.  


The data to make your products or services more profitable is likely available to you, but either dormant or disconnected from your decision making systems.  How to connect those pieces of data using contextual analytics is the story of The Billion Dollar Paperclip.

Every product has a story to be told.


This book looks at data from all sides. From the companies buying it, to the companies producing it, and just how it is generated. It explains Contextual Analytics, "Big Data", data sources, how to use the data, and what different databases have to offer us.   


- M. Reynard, Vine Voice

Whereas many books regarding data and the usage and importance of data only mention one side--usually the corporate side, Gregory Short did not stop there. He managed to write a book that has a good overall view of the many ways data can be used, interpreted and put into action in various situations, from corporate to small business to personal life.  His views made sense, were easy to relate to and understand and made me stop and think about this subject that we often take for granted.   


- I. Martin, Top 500 Amazon Reviewer

Whether it be large corporations, small businesses, or just the little guy, this book presents data to a whole new level of stardom, utilizing contextual analytics that is easily comprehendable to us readers.  As a blogger and professional reader and reviewer, I've had some light bulb moments. Aha! It really is all about "connecting the dots" and embracing the principles of data, inspiring the mind with vital knowledge and profitable ideas.


- M. Bair, Goodreads

A fun and comprehensive analysis on how to make data work more effectively in any organization.


- Gregory Kris, CEO, Your.MD

Every business that uses data should be embracing the principles of contextual analytics presented in The Billion Dollar Paperclip.


- Jonathon Simpson-Bint, CRO, Twitch.TV

I recommend all business leaders who use data to drive business decisions read this book NOW!


- Leonard Murphy, Editor-in-Chief, Greenbook

This book is useful, easy to read and would be an ideal addition to any business or marketing professional's toolkit.


- Ionia Martin, CEO, Readful Things

A really great thing about this book is that it's understandable by everyone, not just the corporate data big-wigs. 


- Ashley Lamar, Editor In Chief, ClosedTheCover


Financial Times Business Book of the Year

Silver Medal Winner

Axiom Business Book Awards 2014

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