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Greg Short entered the video game industry in 1990 and over the next 25 years created multiple organizations for online media, marketing, data & research, and education.  After successfully leading many of his early activities in the interactive entertainment industry to exits, he co-founded EEDAR in 2006. 

As CEO, Greg grew EEDAR to one of the most recognized and respected research firms in the industry.  His vision to deliver a broad, big-data approach to research activities for video games was many years ahead of its time, and EEDAR’s unique approach allowed him to develop new ways of extracting data value in the form of contextual analytics, the basis for his first book The Billion Dollar Paperclip: Think Smarter About Your Data.

After selling EEDAR in 2016, Greg turned his focus to helping companies achieve stronger financial performance through greater workforce resilience.  In his role as Chairman for Interactive Entertainment Professionals (IEP), Greg has helped dozens of companies and thousands of professionals accelerate their potential.

In 2018, Greg founded the non-profit Safer71, and has worked with local, county, and state government representatives along with numerous transportation and enforcement agencies to improve road safety in Western Travis County, Texas.  Through his efforts and the programs Safer71 has helped to implement, serious injuries in car crashes in the region have dropped by more than 80%.

Greg speaks to corporate, academic, government, and professional groups across the world on leadership, entrepreneurship, personal development, information strategies, and of course, interactive entertainment.

    Greg has had exposure to almost every facet of business: executive management, organizational development, marketing, operations, finance, human resources, communications, legal, sales, software engineering, and more. 


    His unique career path across so many fields in the rapidly changing video game industry afforded him the opportunity to deliver revolutionary changes in both B2B and B2C products and services.


    Greg is frequently sought for comment and advice by industry leaders as a result of his broad perspective and interactions in the space.

    His speaking credits include multiple keynotes and appearances at the Consumer Electronics Show, E3 Expo, Game Developers Conference, and American Institute of Information Management conference. 


    He has guest lectured at the University of Southern California and Southern Methodist University.  He also is a lead educator for IEP executive certification programs and workshops.

    Greg graduated in Law and from the University of Queensland, Australia, before relocating to the United States in 2001.  He is a Board Director for The Art Revolution, a non-profit dedicated to providing artistic education and opportunity to youth, and is on the advisory board for multiple organizations.


    He currently resides in Phoenix, AZ




    As part of his social and corporate commitments, Greg supports a wide range of charitable organizations as an individual contributor, board member, or advisor:



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